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Luminous Wallpaper Identity

My Role: UI Designer

Team: Michael Sawina,  Genevieve Planchart

The objective of this project was to discover new lock screen and home screen wallpapers that could be used within mobile and tablet Samsung devices. These wallpapers were to also serve as a brand identity system within advertising collateral across different Samsung markets worldwide.    

After a deep analysis made between Samsung and competitor’s wallpapers, a wallpaper identity titled Luminous was the result of our analysis. We defined this concept in detail as following:

• Experience the cutting edge and vivid display with super AMOLED Plus.
• Increase your life experience with the high speed connectivity.
• Light up your performance with dual-core.

These descriptions led us to 2 recognizable key words; Express and Brilliant which defined the wallpaper categories.

Samsung Homepage
Our Luminous wallpaper identity concept also inspired the design of the Samsung homepage which advertised just how ultra fast and bright Samsung mobile phones are. The launch of the homepage introduced to the world the new super amoled display and powerful dual-core processor featured within new Samsung phones.

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