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AG Jeans

E-Commerce Website Design

My Role: UI Designer

Create UI assets for the AG Jeans Website, which highlight AG Jeans as a modern and premium fashion brand. Incorporate the AG Jeans campaigns within the website design. Make sure consumers understand that AG Jeans sells premium men’s / women’s jeans and knits. Provide consumers an easy to use shopping experience that allows them to buy products quickly and checkout without a hassle.

My focus while designing the UI assets for the AG Jeans website was to keep the graphics simple, on trend and sophisticated. I used a neutral color palate with pops of color to evoke sophistication. I choose a modern sans serif typeface that complimented the simple understated design of the website. I selected campaign images that told a story of luxury through the upscale settings used in the photographs. I made sure the clothing was well photographed and could be viewed from all angles within the website.



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